Florida K9 training tips: when should you train your new puppy?

Getting a new puppy is exciting for everyone. The new addition to your family is fun to play with and watch as it explores your home. However, the fun and games will run out quickly if you don’t teach your puppy how to let you know when it’s time to go outside, stop chewing your shoes, and other instances of misbehavior. At Russell’s K9 Academy, we have Florida K9 training tips and answers to some of your questions about when you should train your new puppy and how to go about doing it.

When you should start training your new puppy?

It’s best to start teaching your puppy basic commands as soon as you bring it home. Most dogs can start learning “sit,” “down,” “stay,” at about seven to eight weeks old. Positive reinforcement and gentle guidance can help to teach your puppy some of these commands. Keep in mind that puppies are like young kids, and they don’t always have the attention span for long training sessions.

When should I house train my puppy?

You can start working on house training your dog as soon as you bring it home by limiting access to certain areas of the home. More advanced house training will take place between 12 and 16 weeks old because your dog has better control over its bladder and bowel movement and can hold it before going outside.

When can my puppy start formal training?

Once your dog reaches six months old, you can start instilling more formal training. You can send your dog to a trainer to learn more about leash training, behavioral training, and more. At six months old, your dog is prepared to learn good habits that will last the rest of its life.

What should I start with?

One important factor in training your dog is the environment. You should always work with your puppy in a quiet room with minimal distractions. Again, your puppy has a short attention span and is easily distracted by outside noise, items in the room, or unrelated activities in the room.

When you’re starting out, it’s often recommended that you teach your dog to sit. It will be much easier for a dog that understands what it means to sit to also stay and get down. Once your dog has mastered sitting, you can easily move on to the stay and get down.

What techniques should I use?

A common technique used in training puppies is food luring. You can use your dog’s favorite foods or treats as positive reinforcement to teach them how to sit, stay, or get down. Keep in mind that you must have food ready to go when your dog follows a command, or there won’t be any reinforcement.

If you prefer not to use food as a reinforcer, you can also offer a toy that your puppy likes to play with. You can let your dog play with the toy for a couple of minutes as a reward for the behavior, then take it and give the command again.

Where can I get more help?

It’s not always easy training your dog. Whether you’re having trouble instilling “sit” or you’re having issues with house training, get in touch with us at Russell’s K9 Academy. We can help you teach your dog everything from basic commands to positive behavior as they get older. Contact us by calling 386-265-3501 or send a message using our online contact form. We would love to hear from you to schedule training for your dog or provide you with Florida K9 training tips to break through any barriers you might be dealing with.

Florida K9 training tips: when should you train your new puppy?
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