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Hi friends and dog lovers, Russell's K9 Academy is a Family owned and operated Dog Training business in Daytona Beach, Florida, servicing all of Central Florida. I'm a Third Generation Certified Dog Trainer and Behavioral Specialist offering 40+ years of Dog Training and Behavior Modification expertise. My mission is that No Dog should be Left Behind, and we offer personalized services for you and your dog so your dog can mimic your Lifestyle.

We MARKER TRAIN our Dogs through Classical & Operant Conditioning for Basic Obedience and Advanced Off-Leash Obedience E-Collar Training. We also offer BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION Rehabilitation Training for dog-on-dog aggression and dog-on-human aggression for all life stages and Breeds. Puppies, Adolescent dogs, Adult dogs, and Senior dogs.

The Dog Rehabilitation Program is designed for dogs with Dominance Aggression, Dominance Possessive Aggression, Fearful Aggression, Red Zone Dogs, Dog Abuse, Phobias, Anxiety, Obsessions/Fixation, Hyperactive and Low Self Esteem Dogs, and Military Dogs with PTSD coming back from Warfare.

We can train at your home on your dog's turf or bring your dog to Russell's K9 Academy for Bootcamp Rehab Training. Most severe Canine Rehabilitation cases are done here at my Bootcamp.

Sometimes, aggression towards other dogs is simply due to a lack of understanding of their Universal language; it is a result of poor socialization during the puppy stage of life and being taken too early from the mother dog, who is their Alpha and who teaches them their Universal Language and Social Skills and Universal Laws of Pack Behavior; also by not mixing the puppy with many different breeds because some breeds some of their universal languages has been removed due to man breeding many other Different species of dogs'; also humans that don't know the Universal Language of Dogs are going to have problems with interpreting what their dog is saying to them; you see when dogs are communicating their Universal Language they are SIGN LANGUAGING with us over 96 percent of the time.
One other thing Dogs all have, and it's hardwired in their brain, is called the Universal Laws that govern your dogs' behavior; according to your dogs' Hierarchy's pecking order, and over 90 percent of dog owners have big problems here. After all, they find themselves at the bottom of their dogs' Hierarchy because they don't understand how to engage with their dog according to Ranks in the Hierarchy, but this is where I come in to help you to understand all the above and give you a clear understanding of leadership with your dog and put you in control.

Get to know Albert Russell

I am a Third Generation Certified Dog Trainer, and I have been working with Man's Best Friend since I was a young boy. I started by owning my first dog when I was five years old. As a young boy, I had a passion for working with dogs, and as I grew older into my teenage years, my love for working with man's best friend grew even more robust, and we as a family never had less than 20 dogs, and they were all Work dogs. The dogs were used for Sport and Competition hunts, and my Grandfather would go on competition hunts in Maryland and Virginia to challenge other competitors. My Grandfather's dogs were trained in Competition Hunts, and his Grand Nite Championship dogs were the envy of his competitors. My Grandfather had trained championship hunting dogs and Competition swimming dogs for many years. I learned by watching and observing my Grandfather and Father handle and work with complete passion towards training and preparing their dogs for success. My father loved the fact that I had so must Passion for Dogs that he started conditioning me to become a trainer when I was 13 years old.

I then had the privilege of working with a K9 Trainer who retired from the Military who served in the Vietnam War. He trained Dogs for the Military, and I had the privilege of working hands-on, starting with my personal dog named Dino. Dino was a Shephard mix for personal protection. We started into basic obedience and then moved into advanced off-leash obedience training while Dino was being prepared and promoted into K9 Protection work.

After Dino graduated from his training, I had the privilege to continue working with the Trainer for 2 1/2 years. Unfortunately, my Trainer and Teacher passed away due to cancer. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to work with him.

As a Univeral dog trainer, my training covers Classical and Operant Conditioning,reward-based training systems, and Verbal Markers' use for communication. I also focus on building behavior through luring, spatial pressure, "leash pressure for shaping behavior, and more.......


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