RUSSELL'S K9 ACADEMY LLC- Central Florida Dog Trainer & Behaviorist

RUSSELL'S K9 ACADEMY LLC is rated the #1 Best K9 Behaviorist in Daytona Beach, Florida, servicing all of Florida. We Specialise in K9 Rehabilitation for Dog on Dog Aggression and Dog on Human Aggression; I am your 911 call when all Else Fails. Here at RUSSELL'S K9 ACADEMY LLC, we believe our Dogs are Family and that there are No Bad Dogs, just misunderstood dogs; that being said, We will Train your Dog to mimic your Lifestyle; that's our promise to you-the Alpha Dog Talker.
RUSSELL'S K9 ACADEMY, Offers Personalized Dog Training & Behavior Modification services.
Private In-Home Dog Training, Doggie Boot Camp Training, Puppy Boot Camp Training, Support Dog Training, Service Dog Training, Dog Aggression Rehabilitation Training, Off-Leash Remote E-Collar Training, K9 Military Dog Rehabilitation Training, Obedience Dog Group Training Classes, Dog Behavioral Modification Training, Puppy Training, Family K9 Protection Training, Business K9 Guard Dog Training

Your Dog is unique, so we are trained to accept all sorts of personalities, energy levels, and Behavior Issues. We will Train your Dog to mimic your Lifestyle.

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Also, Russell's K9 Academy LLC is INSURED by Lloyd's of London of PETCARE INSURANCE because it's the Law to protect you, your dog, and your property! CERT.NUMBER PC153250. Russell's K9 Academy's place of business is protected 24/7 by ADT Security Systems. Our outdoor property and indoor home monitoring are Video & Audio recorded 365 days a year to protect your dog because we care.
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